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Re: Bridge between two wi-fi cards

On 10/15/10 14:54, Stefan Monnier wrote:
> Last I heard, Linux's wifi code doesn't really support bridging for
> client nodes (i.e. you can bridge).  But of course, this may depend on
> what exactly you mean by "bridging between 2 WLAN cards".

I've mentioned it in a previous post: I just want to share my Internet
connection (wlan0 connected to Access Point using wpa_supplicant) with
others (wlan1 is listening for incomming connections in promiscuous mode
using hostap). I don't want to access the clients - why should I ? - so
"bridging" actually is "routing". Routing clients packets should be
easily done by NAT.

I'll post my findings as soon as possible ...

Kind regards,


Victor Dorneanu

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