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Re: Debian Squeeze Boot-up stalls waiting for dhcp to obtain address

Arthur Machlas wrote:
Did a network install of Squeeze the other day, on a computer without
wireless. Normally I remove everything but lo in
/etc/network/interfaces, but after resume from suspend network-manager
reported disabling device eth0 for reason 2, whatever that meant, and
the only way to bring it back up was to reboot. It was gone from

You mean you installed squeeze and after the install and the reboot did a suspend?

I found that adding eth0 back into /etc/network/interfaces prevented
this strange disabling of hardware by network-manager when coming out
of suspend, however, at boot now if the network cable isn't plugged
in, as it sometimes isn't, the boot process will stalll as dhcp tries
and tries and tries to obtain an ip address.

Hoping someone can help move me along here a bit quicker at boot-up.

Many thanks,

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