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Re: Partitioning a drive with Windows 7 already installed

2010/10/12 Ogya Chief <ogyachief@hotmail.com>:
> Hi All,
> I have just bought a pc with Windows 7 pre-installed and I want to partition
> and install debian on the drive. If I use the debian installer's
> partitioner, what precautions do I have to take in order not to damage the
> Windows partition?
> Kind regards,
> Ogya

You should investigate how windows 7 did partitions, because it has a
 different partitioner; you can finish with all partitions ending at the
 middle of cylinders; Debian should be installed, but in short time
 both OSs could become unstable. .

And, yes, it is possible to create windows 7 recovery DVDs, many times
as you wanted.

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