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> > As Sven points out, there is no current support for 3D in Nuvó driver 
> > (there is, but is very experimental and probably highly unstable¹).
> > 
> > Should you want to play with 3D programs/applications, just install 
> > nvidia driver.
> > 
> > ¹ http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/GalliumHowto
> Nouveau/Gallium is worth a try at least. A lot of work is being done on
> these drivers and depending on the chip in his card, they could turn out
> to be a pleasant surprise. I am currently running them on an old FX5200
> card and I can play bzflag at 1680x1050 with no problem, but e.g. Torcs
> is a little too much. However, more work is being done on the drivers for
> the newer cards than the driver for my old card, so you if you have one
> of those, you could be in luck even with more demanding games.

Thanks. Not opposed to giving this a try. However, the git does not work.

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