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Re: iceweasel sometimes shows "untitled" when enter url

On Wed, 13 Oct 2010 22:48:46 +0800, yuanwei xu wrote:

> Camaleón,
>     Thanks for your reply.Today the problem became much worse: none
>     website
> can be connected in iceweasel,all turn out to be "(Untitled)". So i
> tried to install chromium through aptitude,and it works normally.This
> mail is wrote on it.
> It seems it's a good idea to have another browser as a back-up.

There is also "Epiphany" or "w3m" :-)

Back to your problem with Iceweasel... if you can browse the web with 
another browser, then Icewasel also should work.

Are you using any proxy seetings for your connection? Have you tried by 
disabling "ipv6" in Iceweasel?



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