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Re: KDE Question

On Tue October 12 2010 22:46:14 Kelly Clowers wrote:
> Akonadi and Strigi and similar technologies are critical to taking the
> desktop to the next level of efficiency and effectiveness. Admittedly,
> that's still in the early stages, but it is clearly where we need to go.

People are working fine in KDE 3 without Akonadi and Strigi and NEPOMUK.

People try KDE 4 and work slower.

I don't object to your choice of KDE 4 as a religion, but please
don't expect people who have to work for a living to waste their
time worshipping KDE 4 during office hours.

Maybe one day the semantic web and the semantic desktop will become
useful.  Maybe not.  For now, the internet and KDE 3 are what works.

--Mike Bird

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