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Re: what will happen if CPU overheat

On Thu, 07 Oct 2010 at 07:38:51 -0400, Long Wind wrote:
> I have a P3/550, slot 1 the cpu fan is noisy, so I remove it but I am
> not sure about heat sink

Buy a new fan :)

> What will happen if CPU overheat?
> What damage will be done to other computer parts?

It'll crash.  No damage to other parts, save from the reduction in your
CPUs lifespan from it overheating repeatedly.  Given how old P3/550s are
now though, you've almost certainly had your money's worth already.

> BTW how effective is a fan?  If max room temperature is 35 degrees for
> a CPU with a fan, then, max will be decreased by how much if the fan
> is removed?

Effective enough to stop your machine from crashing under load, I



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