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Re: what will happen if CPU overheat

Dne, 07. 10. 2010 13:38:51 je Long Wind napisal(a):
I have a P3/550, slot 1
the cpu fan is noisy, so I remove it
but I am not sure about heat sink

What will happen if CPU overheat?
What damage will be done to other computer parts?

If you leave your CPU without the fan long enough, you soon won't have any CPU to worry about.

Seriously: if the CPU overheats, it should shut down of its own. Seeing that this is a 550-MHz PIII, it could probably work without a fan, provided that your heatsink is well seated and there is a fresh, effective layer of thermal paste between it and the CPU. If I were you, though, I wouldn't play with fans.

BTW how effective is a fan?

Quite effective. Some designs require a fan and will simply overheat without one.

If max room temperature is 35 degrees for a CPU with a fan,
then, max will be decreased by how much if the fan is removed?

Your max room temperature only has limited influence on the final temperature of the CPU.

Good luck, you're gonna need it,

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