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Re: Text overlow in Iceweasel

Quoting Anthony Campbell on 2010-10-05 06:38:41:
> I find that on certain sites, e.g. www.peterrussell.com, portions of
> text are superimposed on top of one another - a sort of overflow. This
> also happens with Iceape but not with Chromium-browser. 

I notice the problem on many sites as well, when I use my normal font
settings (Liberation Serif 20pt, on a 1024x768 display specified as
96dpi in xorg). It seems to get worse, though, as I ctrl-mwheelup to
enlarge the fonts.

I've no net from my current location but I will follow up and try that
specific site, both from this laptop and a machine configured for users
having better sight.

/* semi-OT rant */
I notice that a lot of sites still seem to be written by Quark,
PageXPress and Publisher users and not by webdevs. Given the
opportunity, I'd like to have a certain few so-called "webmasters"
blindfolded, numbed, and made to browse their sites using only lynx, the
keyboard, and a screen reader, to teach them the value of Web standards
/* end rant*/

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