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Re: courier certificate regeneration.

Thank You for Your time and answer, Camaleón:

> Also, check if you already have a "/usr/lib/courier/share/pop3d.pem" 
> file.

I have to apology before You, Camaleón, and whole the list - because
of the noise - this thread.

The deal was in my not sufficient attention that I paid to the
problem, loading You w/ my questions and making troubles to myself.

The problem was not in courier, but postfix - I just thought it was
pop sessions complaining about certification - and that I have changed
successfully - just as I have written before. Then occasionally I have
noted that it was SMTP session that was notifying about a certificate
expiration - then I went and did update that - now all is well.

Once, again, please excuse me for the noise.
Thanks Camaleón, for Your attention to my question.

Let's close the thread.

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