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Re: creation of encrypted lvm, suggestions please

On 10/06/2010 08:17 AM, vishnu vardhan wrote:
> [3] "volume group "volume group name" not found". eventhough i am able
> to access the partitions, at the boot time it is showing the above
> message. can i assume the partition scheme is correct ?

You mean that you see that as the very first message after grub? That
is, you see this message before you are asked for the passphrase? If
yes, it is normal. For some reason debian looks for the volume groups
even before unlocking the LUKS partition and of course fails. After
entering the passphrase, it looks again.

I have once entered a bug report for this, as well as for the red letter
fail when such a machine shuts down because it cannot close the logical
volume which contains the root filesystem. Both were answered that's the
way its supposed to work...

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