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creation of encrypted lvm, suggestions please

for long time, i want to encrypt partitions on my disk. recently i have found an article[@1] with screenshots and actually made some sense to my stupid mind. i have successfully, created encrypted lvm using the [@1]. however, i have some issues :

[1] i will set aside atleast a gb for future, should i create it as a primary partition and set as "do not use".

[2] the swap partition is starting with priority : -1, i assume it is correct because the writes are immediately effected in encrypted partitions. is there any issue with swap partition starting with -1 priority ?

[3] "volume group "volume group name" not found". eventhough i am able to access the partitions, at the boot time it is showing the above message. can i assume the partition scheme is correct ?

[@1] : http://backports.wordpress.com/2010/10/03/how-create-encrypted-lvm-logical-volume-manager-manual-partition-disk-debian-gnu-linux/

thank you

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