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Please accept my request

  My Dear,

 I am  Mrs. chaovisit suchart suwannee, wife of the Former Thailand deputy prime minister and finance Minister Suchart Chaovisith who died of cancer.


 In view of the recent death of my husband as you can read from the Bangkok post news website confirming his death to the public, and Thailand Government.
 I am very worried over the political crisis and i cannot endure the ongoing catastrophe here after the death of my husband. I have decided to contact you, to help me to move some funds to your country over there. As my family hope to relocate to your country and go into investment with you in your country.

Please write me with my home email: { mrs.c-suchart.suwannee@w.cn }

My warm regards to you and your family as I wait to read from you.

Mrs. Chaovisit Suchart Suwannee
Bangkok, Thailand.

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