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Samba versus NIS - rpc.ypxfrd port binding

We just had some craziness with smbd going into a
tight loop while attempting to start Samba.

It turned out to be because smbd thought a printing
service was running, but it couldn't make sense of
attempts to communicate with that printing service.

The reason for this appears to be that rpc.ypxfrd had
bound to TCP port 631.

Subsequent invocations of rpc.ypcxfrd bind to different
privileged ports.

Does rpc.ypxfrd really bind to a RANDOM privileged port?

Should Samba be able to make progress if a printer daemon
is returning garbage, particularly as in this case when
there is no [printers] section in smb.conf?

This is in Lenny, but the conf files have been inherited
through many dist-upgrades.


--Mike Bird

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