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Re: Postgrad research tools - any recommendations

Instead of Word and Endnotes, use Latex and bibtex, bit of a learning
curve, but much better results,

On 04/10/10 21:11, Angus Hedger wrote:
> On Mon, 04 Oct 2010 20:12:04 +0100
> AG <computing.account@googlemail.com> wrote:
>> Greetings list
>> I have just started a Ph.D. program and want to check out the 
>> availability of the following two software apps that the university
>> uses on their Windows machines:
>>                  SPSS
>>                  EndNotes
>> The first is a statistical package for social science and the second
>> is a bibliographic referencing system.  I am using Mendeley which
>> does have a Deb package, but many of my colleagues are using EndNote
>> and I will need to familiarise myself with the application just in
>> case Mendeley doesn't work out as well as I would hope.
>> So, does anyone know whether SPSS has a Debian friendly release (or,
>> for that matter, how well it might work with WINE) and ditto with
>> EndNote?
> Maybe try PSPP [1]? It seems to be fully compatable with SPSS.
> Wine has no notes for newer versions of SPSS, but it seems X3 worked,
> kinda, under WINE, as always, ymmv and it can be quite hard to get
> stuff working well enough for use.
> This thread [2] seems to have some alternatives for EndNotes, though it
> is a old (2008) thread, I am not sure how relative it will be to you.
> Also, this arical [3] has some other alternatives to Endnotes, it is
> newer ( 29th September 2010) so it may be more relevant.
>> I am familiar with R, so the question is not about an alternative 
>> statistical package but really about about the opportunity to use
>> SPSS on a Debian testing machine.
>> Thanks for any thoughts.
> I hope this is some help.
>> AG
> [1]http://www.gnu.org/software/pspp/
> [2] http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=781843
> [3] http://www.linux.ie/newusers/alternatives.php
> ------
> Regards,
> Angus Hedger
> Debian GNU/Linux User	PGP Public Key 0xEE6A4B97

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