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Postgrad research tools - any recommendations

Greetings list

I have just started a Ph.D. program and want to check out the availability of the following two software apps that the university uses on their Windows machines:


The first is a statistical package for social science and the second is a bibliographic referencing system. I am using Mendeley which does have a Deb package, but many of my colleagues are using EndNote and I will need to familiarise myself with the application just in case Mendeley doesn't work out as well as I would hope.

So, does anyone know whether SPSS has a Debian friendly release (or, for that matter, how well it might work with WINE) and ditto with EndNote?

I am familiar with R, so the question is not about an alternative statistical package but really about about the opportunity to use SPSS on a Debian testing machine.

Thanks for any thoughts.


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