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Re: need advice on a solution

On 10/04/2010 02:05 AM, Long Wind wrote:
(sorry, this is not Linux specific)
I trade stocks. I put stock prices in file. Often I need compute PE
for each day. To cope with stock split, I need to recompute prices as
if  un-split. Sometimes to compute PE, I want to use average of the
last three years' earning

To complete these tasks

Solution 1: is it possible to use spreadsheet? OpenOffice or other?

Solution 2: use mysql? Only sql commands? without a programming
language like jdbc?

Solution 3: programming in java. I find it clumsy.

I am familiar with java, no training is required for solution 3
For solution 1 and 2, I have to learn spreadsheet, sql and/or jdbc

I haave always hated spread-sheets because of the clumsy way you have to enter equations, but I am forced to admit that for the type of thing you want to do, they probably can't be beat by anything simple--which is to say, you'd have to write some software. The spread sheet in Open Office ought to work fine. Learning to use it is not difficult, but it takes a different approach to variable notation, and
that takes some getting used-to.  --doug

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