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Re: question/answer website for user support: shapado.debian.net

Hi Stefano:

On Sunday 03 October 2010 11:24:35 Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> Dear followers of the -user mailing list,
>   you might be interesting in knowing that since yesterday there's a new
> Debian experiment ongoing in the area of user support:
>   http://shapado.debian.net/
> which is a multi-language question/answer website where participants can
> ask questions, answer questions, and rank answers given by others.  I'm
> not a regular participant of this list, but the website might be a nice
> complement for those who prefer (either temporarily or on a regular
> basis) a web-based medium.

Thus disgregating limited "work force" between two competing environments.  
Remember web forums (and spam) was what killed NNTP as a general usage tool 
(and I don't think it has been for the better).


> Keep in mind however that for the moment all this is just an experiment,
> the success of it will depend on community participation. See you there?

For my part, I don't think so.

> Cheers.
> PS I'm not subscribed, so please Cc:-me on followups if you want your
>    message to reach me.

And that's exactly why.


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