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Re: LibreOffice repositories

On Sunday 03 October 2010 08:56:36 AG wrote:
> Hey list
> As many here are probably already aware, due to Oracle buying out Sun,
> the OOo developer community has forked the project as a pre-emptive
> protection against Oracle doing the same thing to OOo as they did to
> OpenSolaris.
> As LibO is still in beta mode, one either installs *.debs from the site
> or aliens the *.rpm files.  However, having downloaded and dpkg -i the
> *.deb files there do seem to be some minor differences between my user
> experience and that of those who aliened the *.rpm files.
> My question is: any idea how long it might take for the LibO files to
> find their way into the testing, etc. repositories and will the OOo
> repositories be deprecated?
> Any insight into this?
> AG

A good move imho. 

I don't have any special info, but Debian being in a freeze, LibreOO won't be 
entering testing or sid until after the release of Squeeze. Not sure if 
experimental is used for stuff  like this.

I could be wrong about this :-) 
LibreOffice is using Go-oo builds to start, which is what Debian uses.  

Rene Engelhard, Debian developer for our OO builds, is part of LibreOffice, looks 
like the path forward, just takes time for Debians release schedule to work.


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