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Re: question/answer website for user support: shapado.debian.net

On Sun, 03 Oct 2010 19:53:55 +0200, Jesús M. Navarro wrote:

>>   http://shapado.debian.net/
>> which is a multi-language question/answer website where participants
>> can ask questions, answer questions, and rank answers given by others. 
>> I'm not a regular participant of this list, but the website might be a
>> nice complement for those who prefer (either temporarily or on a
>> regular basis) a web-based medium.
> Thus disgregating limited "work force" between two competing
> environments. Remember web forums (and spam) was what killed NNTP as a
> general usage tool (and I don't think it has been for the better).

Newcomers seem to be more confortable with forums (mostly young users) so 
why not provide as many options as we can (mailing lists, forums, 

I see them not as "competing" but as a "complement" of each other. 



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