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How to upgrade kernel in Lenny, not compile a custom one

Based on what I've read, kernel 2.6.32 has fixed the broadcom 4306 rev02 wireless card 1 MB/s speed issue and I'd like to have my Lenny system boot into that kernel to fix this issue.  The only help I've found for doing this without doing a custom compile is here (http://www.khattam.info/installing-kernel-2-6-30-or-any-latest-version-available-in-debian-lenny-or-ubuntu-without-having-to-go-through-compiling-2009-08-10.html).  As I haven't done this before, can anyone provide feedback on this link, its methods, etc., before I go trying a kernel upgrade?

If there is another way, I'm open to suggestions.  I don't need a custom kernel, just need to boot Lenny into a 2.6.32 or later kernel, if possible.

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