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Re: Distributed filesystem between 2 file servers


On Friday 01 October 2010 20:50:32 Linux Expert wrote:
> I manage 2 offices which are connected via a VPN link, and both sets of
> users need access to a large filesystem (550GB).
> Currently we have a single fileserver (Samba domain member) on one side,
> but users on the other side of the VPN are frustrated with the slowness.
> There's no easy way to divide the filesystem, and users from both offices
> work together on the same files.
> I'd like to setup two fileservers, one in each office, which both have a
> local copy of the large filesystem.  So it would be like a multi-master
> fileserver.

I don't think there's a streamlined equivalent for Microsoft's DFS if that's 
what you are looking for.  Anyway, you may have a look at this wikipedia 

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