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Re: Distributed filesystem between 2 file servers

Le vendredi 01 octobre, Linux Expert écrivit :

> I manage 2 offices which are connected via a VPN link, and both sets of
> users need access to a large filesystem (550GB).
> Currently we have a single fileserver (Samba domain member) on one side, but
> users on the other side of the VPN are frustrated with the slowness.
>  There's no easy way to divide the filesystem, and users from both offices
> work together on the same files.
> I'd like to setup two fileservers, one in each office, which both have a
> local copy of the large filesystem.  So it would be like a multi-master
> fileserver.
> I can't setup something like an rsync script thru a cronjob, as I also need
> file locks, etc to work properly since it's common for 2 users to open the
> same file on each side.
> I've been looking at the Lustre filesystem, which is meant for DFS on
> clusters.  I think it's the closest solution to what I want to do, but want
> to get your opinions to know if that's my best option, as I don't want to
> head down the wrong path.  If there's any alternative  solutions please let
> me know your thoughts.
> Thanks

Linux have native shared clustered filesystems : GFS and OCFS.
You can have them over DRBD for replication between servers.
But I think it will be really slow accross a VPN.

Other distributed filesystems like OpenAFS and Coda can be usefull, but
I never tried them qs they are quite complex to setup (Kerberos...).

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