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Distributed filesystem between 2 file servers

I manage 2 offices which are connected via a VPN link, and both sets of users need access to a large filesystem (550GB).  

Currently we have a single fileserver (Samba domain member) on one side, but users on the other side of the VPN are frustrated with the slowness.  There's no easy way to divide the filesystem, and users from both offices work together on the same files.

I'd like to setup two fileservers, one in each office, which both have a local copy of the large filesystem.  So it would be like a multi-master fileserver.

I can't setup something like an rsync script thru a cronjob, as I also need file locks, etc to work properly since it's common for 2 users to open the same file on each side. 

I've been looking at the Lustre filesystem, which is meant for DFS on clusters.  I think it's the closest solution to what I want to do, but want to get your opinions to know if that's my best option, as I don't want to head down the wrong path.  If there's any alternative  solutions please let me know your thoughts.


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