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Re: Lost keyboard in KDE 3.5.10 on Lenny.

Dne, 01. 10. 2010 09:17:41 je Camaleón napisal(a):

> > Years ago, when I was using KDE3, cleaning the KDE user temp. folder helped a
> > lot for solving this kind of (weird) problems...
> Worth a try.  Thanks.  I'll report back.

Well, years ago, when I was using KDE3, a gentle soul advised me to rename my '~' dir, deluser my_user_name, adduser my_user_name, and then copy the important directories, one by one, from the backed up '~' over to the new '~' .

You should make sure that the adduser command assigns the new user the same UID as the deleted user; that way, the new '~' and the backed-up '~' will have the same ownership.

By logging out and in again after each copied directory, and testing out the issue, I was able to pinpoint exactly which directory was the culprit. I can't recall anymore what the problem was, and the procedure admittedly is a bit tiresome, but it definitely worked for me.

I just hope the MTA doesn't change all the above '~' instances into smilies ...

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