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Re: Invalid option when trying to mount the volume

Alexander Batischev wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 08, 2010 at 08:33:02AM +0200, Merciadri Luca wrote:
>>> -  try to mount it manually in a way like that:
>>>    # mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /mnt/usbkey
>>>    Of course, /dev/sda1 should be replaced with real device name, and
>>>    /mnt/usbkey shoul exist.
>> Thanks. Well, I found the key under /dev/disk/by-id/. After having typed
>> the aforementioned command, I get `mount: unknown filesystem type
>> 'ntfs-3g'.' Any idea?
> Oh, excuse me! That's my fault - I forgot to mention that you should have
> ntfs-3g, which is a NTFS driver for Linux, installed in system. Just install
> package with the same name and try mount command again.
> There is also a possibility that you have ntfs driver (AFAIK, that one lacks
> support for writing) - if you don't want to install anything and you don't need
> writing, you may check out that one (simply use 'ntfs' instead of 'ntfs-3g' in
> the 'mount' command I wrote before).
I just installed the mentioned package, and simply plugging in the USB
key shown me its content. Thanks a lot. Actually, I had installed
`ntfsprogs' and `dosfstools' without checking that they were actually
not ntfs drivers, but mere utilities. I should have realized that I had
not the ntfs-3g driver. But why isn't that already installed with a
basic install?

Thanks again!

Merciadri Luca
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