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Re: Unicode Character key-in problem

On Tue, 07 Sep 2010 21:47:44 -0700
Carl Johnson <carlj@peak.org> dijo:

>That is why we were talking about the Compose and AltGr keys.  I have a
>US keyboard and I just press the Compose key followed by "s" and "s" to
>get ß.  Similarly, I can press Compose "'" and "a" to get á.  The AltGr
>key will also allow access to alternate values of individual keys by
>holding down the AltGr key and pressing another key.  For the
>US-international layout, the AltGr-a combination will give á, AltGr-s
>gives ß, AltGr-/ gives ¿.  I am using unicode, but it works for all
>characters that the charset and locale allow.

I have a US keyboard and I do not have an AltGr key. I do have two Alt
keys, one on either side of the spacebar, but neither works as you
describe. However, in Linux Ctrl-Shift-u plus the unicode value enters
any character contained in the font.

How did you get a US keyboard with an AltGr key?

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