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Re: Straw poll: What browser do you use?

On Tue, 07 Sep 2010 15:47:00 +0200
Klistvud <quotations@aliceadsl.fr> wrote:


> Epiphany is (marginally) better than Iceweasel/Firefox. Internet  
> browsing on GNU/Linux, frankly, just plain sucks -- I mean, it sucks up  
> all my CPU and all my RAM, permanently. It also makes my machine(s)  

Permanently?  I assume you mean that closing tabs / windows doesn't
help?  That's not usually my experience (with IW).

> heat up and my fans roar like a fully loaded B-52.
> Disabling all flash and other flishy-flashy-bang-blink-boom-whiz  
> plugins may help a bit. Or replacing your graphical browser with a  
> text-only browser like w3m/elinks/lynx, if you can afford to.

I'm still waiting for a TUI browser with Javascript support.

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