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Re: Straw poll: What browser do you use?

In <[🔎] AANLkTinsqoFYUHxVfXY8Zvj2i8KSe9xNyRzpNZkaB0GS@mail.gmail.com>, B. 
Alexander wrote:
>So what do others use?

Konqueror.  It's always been fast and light.  If you have the 
flash/klash/gnash plug-in enabled, there will be delays when the browser is 
waiting on that plug-in, though.  Making use of the built-in ad, script, and 
plug-in blocking might be useful, but I've found it a bit cumbersome to 
configure and toggle on/off.

I'm also found Iceweasel to be quite capable once enough extensions are 
installed.  At the very least you need AdBlock Plus, NoScript, and FlashBlock.  
I found these made from of much lighter browsing experience even with dozens 
of tabs open.  Without these extensions, Iceweasel slowed and took far too 
much memory (more than Konqueror) when opening 18-24 tabs.  I found the 
Iceweasel extensions to be quite easy to toggle on/off as specific websites 
needed them.

So, I use Konqueror most of the time, but I do have Iceweasel on hand for the 
rare occasion that Konqueror's Javascript support just isn't capable.  That 
said, I can't remember using Iceweasel anytime in the last month.
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