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Re: Straw poll: What browser do you use?

Quoting B. Alexander on 2010-09-07 08:16:26, in Message-Id
<[🔎] AANLkTinsqoFYUHxVfXY8Zvj2i8KSe9xNyRzpNZkaB0GS@mail.gmail.com>

> So what do others use?

Most of the time I use elinks. For poorly-designed sites though I fire
up Kazehakase or Iceweasel.

As far as Iceweasel goes I've applied a lot of tweaks to my prefs.js to
improve responsiveness on my IBM T23, although I've given up several
features like 'undo close tab' and history to implement those.

I'll probably create a diff between new profile and my current one if
there's enough interest in seeing my tweaks.

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