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Re: gnome mounts all fstab entries

On Sun, 05 Sep 2010 16:27:21 +0000, Camaleón wrote:

>>> Can you post your "/etc/fstab" . . .
>> $ grep /mnt/ /etc/fstab
> (...)
>> So, all un-mounted partitions are mounted; those who have already been
>> mounted (elsewhere) are not mounted by gnome again (which is good).
> Mmm... if I read it correctly, not all the partitions are mounted but
> "some", which is even weirdest.

Sorry about the confusion. My mistakes. I shouldn't have include those 
entries like export, export.img etc. 

> Not auto-mounted (and told to do so):
> os11
> vars1
> export
> export.img

You can disregards these entries. What really happens here is that, my 
/etc/fstab file consists of two parts, one is the normal mounts, e.g., 
export, export.img etc, which are mostly mounted under /, instead of /mnt.

The 2nd part of the file consists all partitions automatically collected 
by a script. So what you see those /mnt/ entries are duplicates of my 
normal settings, which have been mounted on boot up. 

Again, you can disregards these entries. I shouldn't have include them.

> Auto-mounted (and *not* told to do so):
> os12
> os13

Yes, those are the trouble ones. I normally don't mount them. But now 
when gnome is started, all of them are mounted, as "removable" partitions.

This is something that I want to disable. 


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