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Re: Squeeze System "Bricked" after Software Upgrades 09/04

On 04.09.2010 17:50, Gilbert Sullivan wrote:
> I have a Panasonic subnotebook (CF-R3) that has been functioning
> superbly for months under Squeeze with Xfce/gdm. It has an integrated
> Intel video system and a Japanese / English keyboard with which I have
> used the standard kernel mapping (chosen during Expert install). This
> is Squeeze with no proprietary firmware and the stock repositories (no
> third party repositories, no non-free, all software installations
> throughout the history of the system on this OS being made through
> aptitude).
> This morning (09/04) after applying latest updates through aptitude, I
> rebooted the system. It hard locked after it started loading gdm. The
> REISUB key combination had no effect whatsoever on the system. I was
> unable to connect to it via Ethernet. I had to force it down with the
> power switch.
> I can boot into recovery mode. I used "touch /forcefsck" to get a file
> system check during a reboot. No errors reported.

1) show
a)`uname -a` output
b) `lspci` output

there are chances that the problem resides in new xorg drivers/code.
Next steps depend on you particular video card model.



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