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Re: WINE in Squeeze taking associations of everything

Le 03/09/2010 à 05:28, GhostlyDeath a écrit :
> Hello, with the current WINE in Squeeze, all the file associations
> change and this is very annoying and as such I cannot have WINE
> installed, which means not testing my programs in a Windows-Like
> environment. WINE ruins my desktop completely.
> What I mean by this is that:
> Any text file now open in notepad.exe instead of gEdit. It might as
> well open up DosBox with FreeDos' version of EDIT.COM.
> Any image file opens up in paint instead of eye of gnome or GIMP.
> Any HTML file opens up in WineBrowser instead of epiphany.
> It's impossible to change single file associations because even if I
> use the GNOME association stuff, alot of other things still use WINE
> stuff regardless and cannot be changed.
> In lenny, none of this happened and everything worked great, however
> that changed in Squeeze. Why do WINE associations take priority now
> instead of in the past when they did not?
> I use Window Maker with gnome-terminal as my terminal, epiphany as my browser.
> Any suggestions would be very helpful.

Please fill a bug report against wine package :-)

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