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Re: install lenny from iso

tom wrote:
> Jordan Metzmeier wrote:
> > > root@freedom:~# echo $PATH
> > > /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/games
> > > root@freedom:~# 
> >
> > You seemed to have modified root's default PATH. You should have the
> > directories listed in the error message, specifically the sbin
> > directories. Perhaps that is the result of a broken "sudo su" or similar?
> Thanks. Jordan.  I just installed Lenny, and it's at default (I haven't
> touched it).  Is this an issue that should be reported as a bug?

If you had just installed Lenny then the path would be correct.
Therefore it is some modification since installation.  Really! :-)
This is a very well tested part of the system.

PATH is set when you log into your account in /etc/profile.  You may
have modified that file or set something in /root/profile that
overrides the default PATH.  On a fresh install the /etc/profile will
be copied from the template in the base-files package at
/usr/share/doc/base-files/profile and you can compare against it for
differences and update from it.  Same for /root/.profile and

Look in /etc/profile, /root/profile, /root/.bashrc and look for
anything that modifies PATH.  If you are logging in as a non-root user
and then using su or sudo to switch users to root then look in those
accounts first.  Something is modifying your PATH.


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