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Re: Stable, light-weighted, lighting-fast and actively-developed WM

Thanks everyone who replied.

On Mon, 30 Aug 2010 15:26:46 -0600, Javier Vasquez wrote:

>> The reason being, on my laptop, the
>> - Fn-F4 key suspend
>> - lid close
>> doesn't work under fluxbox but gnome, and I don't have the time and
>> energy to tweak udev to enable them for fluxbox ...
> . . . If you have acpi, and acpi-support you would get that
> funcitonality in . . .

Yes I have acpi, and acpi-support. Let me make it clear that the fluxbox 
and gnome are tested under the same machine, same OS, same package list, 
same user, same session... just choose which one to launch during my 

> In reality those "features" you mentioned are not responsability of any
> window manager. 

Agree, but I think "ideally" they should not be at desktop managers level 
but be at lower device level. Currently, under my fluxbox, most other 
things work, ie volume up and down, mute the speaker, turn on/off the 
backlight, control brightness, all work as expected.

Ok, how about this -- is there any gnome command that I can call from my 
fluxbox to enable the aforementioned features?


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