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Re: How to Retain an Existing Ext4 Partition with a Debian 5.0.5 DVD Installation?

On 8/25/10 7:49 AM, Tom Browder wrote:
> I want to install Debian 5.0.5 over my Ubuntu 10.04.1 OS.
> I will reformat  partitions "/boot" and "/" but want to keep the other
> partitions which are now using the ext4 file system.
> Will that work?  I read that 4.0 (lenny) doesn't support ext4 but it's
> available in testing.  I see that the ext4 package is on the 5.0.5
> distro but that doesn't necessarily mean it will be used routinely.
> Can anyone say for sure what will happen during installation with an
> existing ext4 partition to be retained?
> Thanks.
> -Tom

What other partitions? I'll assume /home, and anything else?

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