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Re: From console to GUI

Jangita wrote:
Hello Good people,

I have been an avid user of debian linux, but for server and backend systems (apache/mysql/kannel and the likes), and I develop all my software from my windows laptop (dreamweaver, delphi, sqlyog - mysql client) etc etc

I have been poking around a little bit to now move my laptop to debian; Since I've done alot of work with servers on debian, i do know my way around as per drivers, apt, and debian as a whole, but purely console - but I suck at GUI; so I would like to know what combinations of software would let me continue working as I did on my laptop, but on debian

Questions are (without starting a "which is the best" war...)

1. For GUI: I've chosen GNome, any reason why I should choose otherwise?

Too many notes. Although I have gnome on my laptop that is because you get it as default with a d-i lenny install, I prefer fvwm: you get what you code and no more

2. Email: I've seen evolution, but I'm leaning towards thunderbird...


good or bad choice? any other email clients I should consider?
3. Programming: For my programming I've seen eclipse to be the best, I could practically code everything in evolution using the plugins, one problem though - do I get a WYSIWYG plugin/editor for my HTML pages (might be for the eclipse mailing list but just wnat to see what guys use here)

Qt and mc as editor in a VT

4. Delphi -> FPC
5. Any ideas of a GUI mysql client for windows?

Never since 1993 use windows anymore: too many $$$ and too insecure

6. I forgot to mention my chat applications (skype, msn, yahoo, google talk) - any recommended clients that support features in the original versions? (I've only found skype)

no chat, no skype, but TB and gmane to talk to LDU

7. Office Suite - I'll go for openoffice (any better alternatives?)


8. Any alternative for adobe fireworks?

and i'll have a teeny weeeny partition like 10% of my hdd for playing my windows games and cases where there is just no unix alternative (Orbiter!!)

Thanks! Looking forward for the big format.

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