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Re: building 2.6.35

On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 5:51 PM, Bob Proulx <bob@proulx.com> wrote:
> Tom H wrote:
>> Bob Proulx wrote:
>> > Alexander Samad wrote:
>> >> sudo CONCURRENCY_LEVEL=4 make-kpkg --initrd kernel_image
>> >
>> > You shouldn't compile using root permissions.  You don't need to use
>> > sudo there and it is not desired.
>> >From the kernel-package documentation:
>>  4% $Get_Root make-kpkg --revision=custom.1.0 kernel_image
>>       (Get_Root is whatever you need to become root -- fakeroot or
>>       sudo are examples that come to mind).
> Just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should do it.
> You shouldn't be using root to build packages.

I wasn't saying that you should use sudo. I was pointing out that you
were wrong in saying that "shouldn't compile using root permissions".

The kernel-package documentation is clear; you need "$Get_Root".

Whether you choose fakeroot, sudo, su, or log on as root, is a
religious-type discussion that you can have with someone who cares
about such things.

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