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Re: When is best time to upgrade lenny to squeeze

Jari Fredriksson wrote:
On 6.8.2010 18:35, PaulNM wrote:
    If you'll be running the VM only when logged in, virtualbox is
definitely preferred. If you need to run headless servers that start
automatically on bootup, qemu is the way to go.

I use VirtualBox just like you described, but I use VMWare Server 2.0
for the headless servers. Is qemu somehow better? My host is a Windows 7

Qemu was a lighter weight alternative to Virtualbox for me. My company was experimenting with freenas, which was originally on an actual box. I moved it to a VM on another 24/7 Debian box to save on power usage, and needed the VM to start every time the Debian box started.

If you're familiar and comfortable with VMWare, use it. VMWare and Virtualbox virtualize cpu calls, while qemu emulates the entire processor. This means qemu is much more flexible in what it can run, but also slower.

Hope this helps,

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