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Re: maintainer not responding

I think you may be missing the poing a bit.  A 'TODO' list is nice,
but what is stopping YOU from forwarding the information to upstream
or checking the upstream project to see if they know about the issue?

What SPECIFIC package(s) in the list do YOU use, and what SPECIFIC
issues are YOU having?

I'm not saying all the bugs don't need to be addressed, but it is a
lot easier to motivate people when someone has a specific need rather
than picking a developer's package set and complaining about every one 
of the packages with a bug report.

Again I ask YOU what efforts have YOU made to contact the maintainer?


By the way, your Google email link doesn't work for me to look at
the referenced message.

On Thu, Aug 05, 2010 at 02:38:42PM -0700, Jeremiah Mahler wrote:
> I reviewed the outstanding bugs shown in
> [https://mail.google.com/mail/?shva=1#label/debian-lists/12a43a9b406864ec]
> and below is a short summary of what I think needs to be done next.
> The 'TODO' sections indicate something that needs to be done by a
> Debian maintainer (packaging, forwarding, etc).
> The 'TODO_USER' sections indicate something that could be done by a
> regular user.
>   #406051  qpopper corrupts mailbox when quota exceeded
>     TODO: forward upstream?
>   #437746  libgtkglext1: Program exit via window manager window close
> crashes xserver
>     WAITING: message sent asking for info regarding video driver.
>   #537575  uninstallable in unstable
>     seems to be fixed in current version, installed OK
>     TODO: close?
>   #548383 qpopper: The PAM configuration file does not fit to the
> latest libpam-modules package
>     TODO: patch needs to be applied and checked
>   #573522  qpopper: error msg.: fetchmail: Query status=3 (AUTHFAIL)
>     Some difference between lenny and squeeze causes qupopper to fail.
>     TODO: Someone familiar with qpopper may have some insight.
>     Or if the user provided a more detailed description of how to
>     reproduce this would help.
>   #242944 qpopper: RFC incompliant behavior
>     TODO: forward upstream
>   #275918 qpopper ignores -R or set reverse-lookup = false config item.
>     TODO: report is from 2004, check if bug still present in latest
>     version.
>   #323492  libgtkglext1-dev: example can segfault
>     TODO: forward upstream
>   #337022  libgtkglext1: bug somewhere near gdk_gl_get_proc_address()
> in gdkglquery-x11.c:408
>     reproducible bug
>     TODO: forward upstream
>   #406687  GLXBadContext error happening only with i810 driver with DRI
>     TODO: forward upstream?
>   #471483  not available on ppc
>     Is libgtkglext1 available for ppc?
>     According to
>     [http://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=libgtkglext1&searchon=names&suite=stable&section=all]
>     it looks like it is available.
>     TODO: bug is from 2008, it seems powerpc is available now. close bug?
>   #516088  E: qpopper: subprocess post-removal script returned error
> exit status 1
>     It seems to be working now.
>     WAITING: Message sent asking user to verify if problem is still present.
>   #518514  pidgin-mpris: Please remove bmpx dependency
>     TODO: update package to remove obsolete dependency
>   #587984  Outdated API - please update to 0.62
>     TODO: update package for new upstream version
>   #486579  qpopper: debian/watch fails to report upstream version
>     uscan of qpopper says it needs a new version.
>     TODO_USER: verify problem is still present
>   #529137  qpopper: please upgrade your watch file
>     similar to bug#486579
>     TODO: merge with #486579?
>   #558512  Missing autoreconf to fix 554821 or similar bugs in the future
>     Detailed description of what needs to be fixed.
>     TODO: update package for autoreconf
>   #590543  audacious-dumb: remove shared library linking
>     Has patch to removed dependency on libdumb.so
>     TODO: check if removing dependency makes sense,
>       update package if it does.


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