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Re: failing to mount usb flash drives

* On 2010 05 Aug 20:35 -0500, Nate Bargmann wrote:
> It may well be my problem as well.  I have enough live CDs and a couple
> of bootable flash drives to get an idea one way or the other.

I booted this machine, an IBM Thinkcentre M51, into Xubuntu 10.04 from
CD-ROM and had the same behavior--I had to run `lsusb' for anything new
to be recognized.  I then booted Fedora 13 from a USB pen and it
wouldn't recognize another USB pen on either the front or rear USB

Oh well, I can live with this as the machine was cheap and has good
performance and I don't use a USB pen drive on it all that often.

- Nate >>


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