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Re: failing to mount usb flash drives

On 05/08/10 Nate Bargmann said:

> I've been seeing something similar over the past couple of months on my
> Sid box.  I also found that issuing the `lsusb' command seems to "wake
> up" the system in some way and KDE's Device Notifier will become active
> and I can mount the flash drive.  I've also noticed that I need to do
> the same for a USB-serial converter to be recognized.  Hoever, any
> devices plugged in upon system start are recognized.

lsusb didn't help me at all. I looked for my symptoms via google and found
many running Ubuntu finding the issue, but no real resolution.

Maybe my issue is flakey hardware. Only time will tell.

Michael P. Soulier <msoulier@digitaltorque.ca>
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