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Re: Software to handle bits and pieces of information.

> I find Gnote useful for keeping notes and use Orage for
> scheduling tasks/events.

An (unusual) solution is to have a private wiki. You can store it on your own machine (I do so on my laptop) with a local server, or on a public server with correct management of access. This solution can have sense if you would access to your data from differents systems.

There are a lot of well-tried wikis with interessant features for that purpose: internal search, linking between documents (of course), index of all pages, categorying, tagging with keywords, listing of recent changes, calendar, storing of non-textual data (images, pdf...) and so.

I like it, because it's always a way to rediscover your stuff...

It's easy to start a new note, more often, you type the name of a new page between [[]].

Good questions for the choice of the candidate are:

- with or without a database ?
- in which format are the data encoded ? Are there still understandable (in plain text) if the application crashes or becomes unmaintained ?

I use Oddmuse, packaged for Debian, light, capricious but fun. Pmwiki and Mediawiki are also good candidates, but heavier.



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