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Re: SD card question

On Sat, 31 Jul 2010 18:34:52 +0200, Zoran Kolic wrote:

>> Do you have a link to the firmware upgrade instructions so we can
>> review the full process and the required steps?
> Mixing answers to save space.
> Kobo ereader. They tend to upgrade using win desktop app over usb
> adapter. Some canadian stores got SD card to un- brick devices after
> failed upgrade. Image is not "regular" one, but has 100% of success.

Did they provide any instructions on how to proceed with the upgrade?
>> Ext3 is not very common under windows/mac systems and Fat32 tend to be
>> the norm for these devices. Are you sure the SD card has to be
>> formatted using ext3?
> Yes.

Mmm, okay :-)
>> SD cards come from factory with Fat32, so I would reformat the SD card
>> with ext3, just in case :-?
> I did. I simply made "mkfs.ext3 /dev/whatever". No fdisk first. That is
> the question I ask. Do I need that fdisk first or not?

As root, "fdisk -l /dev/sdx" ("sdx" → adjust it to point the SD device) 
and check what it says.

"fdisk" is for creating partitions and I suppose there must be already 
one created for the SD card, if not, you had experiencing problems for 
mounting (and accesisng) to its contents which doesn't seem to be the 

>> Maybe the error comes from another place. Are you getting any message
>> or warning on the e-book when trying to perform the firmware upgrade?
> It should be normal to not be able to mount vfat partition as ext3 one.
> I expected an error and I got it. So far. so good. Mounting as ext3 was
> fine.

Yes, but I was referring when you click any button/option to proceed with 
the "upgrade". Did you get any error? What steps did you follow (you 
inserted the SD card with the required files on it, and then... what 


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