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Re: Debian cd supporting ext4.

On Sb, 24 iul 10, 13:50:02, Sthu Deus wrote:
> Thank You for Your time and answer, Andrei:
> > Yes it is. That's why I suggested the kmuto installer.
> Is there any reference fro Debian web site to the kmuto site - I have
> found one reference from searching machine but the link was not found on
> the Debian site. How I can know that the ISO images that are available
> on the developers site are Debian project acknowledged this day?

They are not acknowledged. A more "official"[1] way to install lenny on 
ext4 that I can think of would be to follow the procedure for installing 
unstable from the business-card image[2] and select stable instead of 
unstable. You will also have to install a newer kernel from 
backports.org, which is also not official yet or compile your own 

[1] in quotes, because it involves the alpha installer
[2] http://www.debian.org/CD/faq/#unstable-images

There is also the option of creating your ext4 partitions, install with 
debootstrap and then install a newer kernel (from backports or your 

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