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Re: is this result of keylogger? am i hacked?


On 07/21/2010 11:51 PM, François TOURDE wrote:

I think memory is not the reason, because some time ago I get broken
/etc/shells file also on another machine, which is running Lenny.

If you are so confident, why asking here?

I am not confident and I will do this tests (just need to buy cdrom first), just expressed my opinion on this. I found also yesterday swp files with keyboard logs (see my other mail).

1) Try memtest, it's a good idea.

Will do this evening.

2) Unplug you box from the net, to avoid more corruption


3) Check the syslog about disk errors

There are no.

4) Check colocs/friends/family for any acces to your box


5) Tell us more about software installed, especially non Debian packaged

Since i upgraded to squid I did not install something special. Before, in lenny i did compile, packaged and installed several packages like openttd with highres graphics patch, mozilla and its dependencies from testing, also adobe flash from debian-non free and nvidia from debian non-free are installed. That is all I remember right now.

6) If you are creationist, ask God ;)

Will try, good idea :)

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