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Re: Debian way to essentially call block phone number

On 17/07/10 17:37, Mike Viau wrote:
Hello list,

I was wondering if anyone runs a system that essentially blocks unwanted
calls from a list of programmed phone numbers. I have the caller display
option on my phones service that returns the phone number of most
incoming calls.

I came across this idea after reading:

If you want to go the freebie route, you can download free software that
claims to block unwanted calls. This software works by hooking up your
phone to your computer and letting the software screen incoming calls.
Some of these downloads require you to have other hardware though. [1]

Is there a package in Debian I should be aware of, something I can run
on a personal computer? I was also considering designing embedded system
to do the job, but I cringe at the thought of integrating a POTS (Plain
Old Telephone System) modem in the embedded world.

I haven't got it set up right now, but in the past I have run freeswitch. Its essentially a better package than asterisk. You can download a .deb file from freeswitch.org. You can configure it pretty easily to do almost anything you want.

I have some linksys boxes one of which takes standard phones and turns them into voip phones and the other of which will connect to a standard POTS line and convert the data from it into SIP traffic. PAP2T is the one that supports two phones. The other, I don't have the exact name of right now, but is a similar type of box to the PAP2T except one of the ports connects to the old telephone network.

My guess is some combination of these might help.

Alan Chandler

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