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Re: Securely deleting *Windows* files (was Re: simple way to securely destroy deleted files in a file system)

On 16/07/10 01:01 PM, Ron Johnson wrote:

I don't think you can of= just the "empty" parts of your partition.

Attached is a Python script I use to "zero" out the free space of a
mounted partition.

Thanks for the script. You are basically writing 0xFF to the available disk space. I used to have a C program which just did a similar thing, writing 0x00 to a new file till the disk was full (or almost full). I just deleted that file after I ran the program. This helped to compress an image of the disk (using dd) quite nicely since all zeros give a better compression ratio.

Having said that, why would dd not work the same way when I am writing to a file using "of" on the partition in question?


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