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Re: Securely deleting *Windows* files (was Re: simple way to securely destroy deleted files in a file system)

On 10-07-16 12:00 PM, Ron Johnson wrote:

Aren't you askig the wrong list?

The filesystem is vfat, files are being deleted from within Linux using Linux tools and the partition just happens to be a Windows installation* but could be any generic storage device. So, no.

I presume you are implying that I ask on a Windows list. Please correct me if I am wrong. If I am not, it would be the wrong list to ask about using dd to delete files, unless dd is developed, or at least also being supported, by MS.

* yes, I am aware of the OS holding some information. But if you read my original post (and the one after that) carefully, the scope of the security is quite limited.

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