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Re: caught flatfooted with a 2wire gateway model 4011G

 Wed, 6/30/10, Andrei Popescu <andreimpopescu@gmail.com> wrote:

> From: Andrei Popescu <andreimpopescu@gmail.com>
> Subject: Re: caught flatfooted with a 2wire gateway model 4011G
> To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
> Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2010, 10:42 AM
> On Mi, 30 iun 10, 09:27:52, Hugo
> Vanwoerkom wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I had to dismantle the Debian Sid system and move to a
> new location 
> > (Mexico). There I subscribed to Telmex´s ADSL
> package. They gave me a 
> > 2wire ´wireless´ gateway model 4011G and said they
> only support the 
> > unmentionable OS. So support is, as usual,
> non-existent.


Sorry for the long delay... no system... As it urns out there is not much to do on the gateway´s web interface. All the defaults are OK by me per the 7 year old user guide on the installation disk of Telmex. That is copyrighted for 2003 and part of the info seems to be wrong, perhaps this also.

How does one start the network with this gateway, given that it comes configured with pppoe client all set?

´iface eth0 inet dhcp´

That is the only way I can think of.

Also I figured out that this Telmex 2wire gateway is defaulted for an ethernet connection but if you have a wireless adapter you can set the web interface to ´wireless´. I don´t have a wireless adapter.



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